ohDEER All-Natural
Deer Repellent

We love deer, too …
but not when they’re using your expensive landscape as a buffet.

Keep deer off your property without harming them with natural deer repellent spray.


Which deer repellent treatment plan is right for you?

We’ll treat your property every three weeks, but will customize a program based on your specific landscape and needs. Below are our three proven deer control programs.


Ideal for warm-weather gardeners: You’ll want to start in early spring to protect fragile blooms before they flower and continue treatment throughout the growing season.


If you have a winter garden or young trees and shrubs, they need protection through the colder months, when deer resort to more fibrous diets of tender branches and bark.


If you’re an avid year-long gardener with both winter and summer vegetation, you need to protect vulnerable plants from deer throughout the year.

Not sure which program you need? We do a FREE on-site evaluation to find out which program is best for you — just give us a call!


Before we hired ohDeer, our puppy would come inside with at least 1 tick every time he strayed into the woods around our house. It was miserable. After an initial spray we immediately noticed a ...
Mae M
“Emailed ohDeer and got a response within 2 hours. A technician was in the area and was at our house the same morning. Diagnosed our issues with deer eating the arborvitae and was able to treat our ...
Michele A
Guys do a great job keeping deers away from our garden. Absolutely recommend it if you have evergreens that get destroyed by deer in the winter.
Olga S.
We have our two youngest grandchildren here with us often and, primarily for that reason, don’t wish to have them pick up ticks playing in our yard. Over four years now our youngest is the only one ...
Steve D
Since we started using OH DEER, we have seen and felt almost NO mosquitoes! Before starting the service, we pulled a few ticks off our puppy. Now, none! I love that the application is environmentally ...
I was skeptical at first but the product they use is so effective! We have dogs and a small child and it is nice to have peace of mind knowing their products are safe as well. Our yard was full of ...
Jessica J

Deer cause more than $250 million in household property damage each year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports.

Yes, it looks bad. But the good news is that plants are resilient, and once you begin treatment with ohDEER repellent, deer move on, and your trees and flowers can recover.
Healthy Plants
Deer were here
Healthy Plants
Deer were here
Healthy Plants
Deer were here
Healthy Plants
Deer were here
Healthy Plants
Deer were here
Healthy Plants
Deer were here

What are deer eating?


(April – September)

The question is really what WON’T deer eat in the spring and summer? (Answer: not much!) They love to nibble on new spring shoots and blooms, and as spring turns to summer, flowers, vegetables and berries. In other words, anything that doesn’t have a cage around it, they’ll happily gobble up!

Black Eyed Susan
Cone Flower


(October – March)

The average deer can lose up to 30% of its body weight in the fall. This means they’re hungry and not very picky. In their perfect world, fall would mean feasting from fruit- and nut-bearing trees, but a hungry deer will also devour plant and flower remnants, shrubs, leaves, stems and even bark, especially from young trees and evergreens.

False Cypress
Filifera Aurea

Why is ohDEER repellent so … repellent to deer?

Similar to weaning your baby from their “binky” by dipping it in vinegar, ohDEER repellent won’t hurt deer to ingest, but boy, does it taste TERRIBLE. It doesn’t take long before they move to greener (i.e., tastier) pastures.

A nontoxic blend of plant-based ingredients, this spray is not only highly effective for deer control, it’s safe for humans, children, pets, plants and aquaculture. It even smells nice! And since deer are so adaptable, we alternate compounds so they never “just get used to it.”

See what’s in our natural deer repellent spray

We don’t believe in hiding behind hard-to-pronounce chemicals — or using them in our products!
This is made from cracked eggs, unfit for human consumption — and deer agree!
Vampires aren’t the only ones who hate garlic — this smell drives deer away.
Deer don’t like any kind of pepper (neither do rabbits, by the way!).
Peppermint smells great to humans, horrid to deer!
This is a common ingredient in dish soap that helps the product emulsify and spread evenly.
This is a safe, widely used preservative in foods, drinks and personal care products.

Protect your plants without harming wildlife with all-natural deer repellent spray.