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Effective All-Natural Tick & Mosquito Control: Help Protect Your Outdoor Event Venue

Outdoor event venues have particular pest-control requirements. The success of a wedding venue, a golf course, an outdoor restaurant, or even private school depends upon the comfort and safety of its patrons.

An event at the most beautiful outdoor venue can fill a photo album with bad memories if guests are feasted upon as they feast. Don’t let biting mosquitoes and ticks destroy the fun.

For the greatest coverage, we recommend monthly tick and mosquito control spraying all season long. Call us for a free consultation. We’ll review your property, provide a free on-premises evaluation, and give you a quote on an all-natural tick and mosquito control package that meets your needs.

We realize that monthly pest-control is not always appropriate for some outdoor event venues. For those clients we offer customized special event spray plans. Please call us for a tick and mosquito control program that works for your venue and quote that works with your budget.

More About Ticks

Ticks are small creatures, but they can carry and spread a myriad of diseases that can wreak havvock on the health people and their pets.

More About Mosquitoes

These stealth bugs can not only ruin an outdoor event or evening in the back yard with your family and friends, they can ruin lives.