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Residential Treatments:
What’s the point of having a great yard, if you can’t actually enjoy it?

These days there are health risks that prevent people form utilizing their yards. Beyond that, some people have deer who destroy their plantings, making their gardens a sight they no longer enjoy.

We created our residential services so that you can enjoy all that your yard has to offer. From our all-natural tick and mosquito treatments to our all-natural deer repellent treatment, we’ll have you back in your yard in no time.

Get in touch today and we’ll work together to create a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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Mosquito Spray

The products we use to treat for mosquitoes are plant based and harmless to your family and pets. So there’s no chemical smell when we’re done and no wait time for you to use your yard. To top it all off, they’re extremely effective!

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Tick Spray

Our tick product has been derived from plant based materials as well. Although we spray year-round for these pesky insects, we recommend getting an early start, followed by a 28-day spray cycle to maintain control.

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Deer Spray

We know what deer like to eat and what they don’t. We also know that they can acclimate to specific tastes and smells. That’s why we’ve formulated several variations of our Deer Clear spray that we rotate throughout the year.