Protecting New Blooms from Becoming Deer Food

Struggling with the disappearance of your landscaping? We may know the culprits! The amount of whitetail deer per square mile has increased along with the overall population over the past 10 years. This population boom is pushing deer into our backyards to feed and causing increased plant damage every year.

In addition, the list of deer-resistant plants is shrinking. Every year we’ll see a “deer-resistant” plant that deer start feeding on. In higher density areas, deer will typically eat more resistant plants. 

Here is a list of deer favorites…See any plants from your yard?

  • Tulips
  • Rhododendrons
  • Hosta
  • Yews
  • Arborvitae
  • Holly
  • False cypress/chamaecyparis
  • Daylilies
  • Roses

Whitetail deer have different types of feeding, and sometimes they snack just like humans! The types of feeding whitetail deer do include

  • Regular browsing: Nipping at multiple plants 
  • Comfort feeding: Deer are more comfortable feeding near the edge of someone’s property where they have an escape route. They don’t want to expose themselves and be in a vulnerable position while feeding.
  • Heavily browsing: Deer will feed heavily at a clear and steady browse line that is close to the woods. 

Whitetail deer also feed differently during different seasons. By the time you get to July and August, the natural food deer eat in the woods has grown a lot taller and tougher to chew so they turn to people’s garden plants. Deer begin to prefer new blooms that are easier to reach than the plants in wooded areas. In the spring and summer, deer will feed on perennials, flowers, hydrangeas, fruit trees, hosta, and daylilies. Once those plants die in the late summer and early fall, deer will feed on evergreens such as arborvitae, yews, holly and rhododendron. Regardless of the season, deer are always looking to feed on new growth. 

Looking for a way to prevent deer from feeding in your yard on the landscaping you paid for? Try All-Natural Deer Control by ohDEER. This chemical-free solution works to repel deer away from your plants without harming them, your plants, pets or kids. The solution deters deer because they do not like the scent of it, and will not like to eat plants sprayed with it. This smell causes an alert cue, keeping them from coming back to your property. Just like when people smell gasoline and instantly think “danger”, deer come across unfamiliar scents and tend to avoid the area. 

Deer Control is insurance for the plants and landscaping on your property you paid for! By letting deer eat your plants, you’re losing the money you spent on your garden. Invest now to keep deer away from your healthy plants, saving you money in the future!

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