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What is T.I.C.K.?

We created Take Initiative Check Kids to help bring awareness and education about ticks and tickborne diseases to kids and their parents so they can Enjoy More Time Outside! Kids spend half their day at school and no parent should be worried about their child picking up a tick when they’re not around. We’ve seen firsthand how dangerous Lyme Disease and other Tickborne diseases can be for kids, so T.I.C.K. is our way of giving back to the parents and kids that we serve at ohDEER.

There are two parts to our T.I.C.K. Program: free preschool sprays and education. We spray preschools with our All-Natural Tick & Mosquito Control during the school year so kids at the preschool can Enjoy More Time Outside. We then provide the preschool with educational materials about ticks and tick prevention to send home with parents so they can learn more about how to protect their child from ticks.

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Spraying preschools for FREE!

Is your child’s preschool enrolled in our free spray T.I.C.K. Program? If not, contact your nearest ohDEER location and we’ll be happy to spray their outdoor play areas free of charge!

How to check your child for a tick:

Ticks can transmit Lyme Disease and other tickborne diseases, so it’s important to check your child early and often after outdoor activities. After any outdoor activity, especially activities in high-density tick areas, you should check your child in the following spots where ticks like to hide.

How to check your child for a tick:

• Use a lint roller to remove a tick that has not attached yet.

• Put your clothes in a dryer for 20 minutes after an outdoor activity.

The heat will kill any ticks that are attached to your clothes.

• Stick to the middle of trails and avoid walking through wooded and brushy areas.

• Don’t forget to use a safe tick repellent on your clothes before you head outside!

Fun activities for your kids!

This summer, we want your child to Enjoy More Time Outside now that we’re controlling your tick and mosquito problem. Here are some activities for you and your child to complete on the next sunny day!