Protect Your Yard: Tree Damage From Deer Antler Rubbing

ohDEER is fully focused and committed to keeping deer off your property, consistently researching and developing better ways to do so. Our Deer Clear solution is not harmful to deer and will simply deter them away from your plants.

Why would you want to get rid of deer in your yard you may wonder. The answer is, they carry ticks that can transmit tick-borne illnesses to humans.  They are world class devourers of vegetable plants and trees and shrubs – and other vegetation. Deer’s eating habits could cost you thousands in landscaping.


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Male deer, also known as bucks, often mark their territory by rubbing their antlers against tree bark. They also do this to remove the velvet from their antlers during the breeding season. This causes the bark to fall off of the tree, damaging the tree’s vascular system and exposing the underlying and vulnerable wood.


See this article for more information on deer rub:

If deer are harming your landscaping, give us a call at ohDEER to schedule a spraying of our ALL NATURAL Deer Control solution. Created to deter deer and free of chemicals, it is safe for kids, pets and nature!

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