Why Is Pest Control Important?

Pest control is important for the safety of your family and pets as well as the health of your yard. No one likes to be bothered by annoying mosquitos or anxious about camouflaged ticks. Make your yard a more enjoyable place to spend time outdoors, and safe for everyone in it!

Mosquito control is important because these pests can carry diseases such as the West Nile Virus or EEE Virus. Tick control is also especially crucial in New England, because the deer ticks that are most common here carry diseases as well. These diseases include

  • Lyme
  • Powassan Virus
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Babesiosis. 

Ticks are active as soon as the ground unfreezes, and winter only lasts a few months in New England making year-round tick control especially important. Call your closest ohDEER location to schedule a spraying of our All-Natural Tick & Mosquito Repellant today!

It is important to note that pest control also protects you from transmission. Ticks that are attached to small rodents often jump to larger hosts. They hang onto grass waiting for animals to walk by so that they can latch onto them and feed, often latching onto dogs. Outdoor cats and dogs can bring these unwanted guests into your home, where they may attach to other family members. 

This is also where deer control comes in! Deer are capable of not only ruin your landscaping from their relentless feeding, they can also bring ticks into your yard. Reduce the time deer spend in your yard by spraying ohDEER’s Deer Control. Our all-natural solutions repels deer away from your plants, deterring them from spending time feeding on your property. 

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