A world without mosquitos?

Would the world be better off without mosquitos?

An answer that seems to be an obvious yes. So if humans could make it happen, we should…  right? The answer is not so simple. Interfering with nature frequently ends up being a fool’s task for humans and backfires with negative consequences.

Now, for sure, ohDEER – the leader in all-natural Deer and Tick & Mosquito Control – will keep mosquitoes away from you and your property…But should mosquitoes be snuffed out from nature completely?

Mosquitoes don’t just bite humans and spread diseases. They also pollinate flowers and recycle nutrients throughout wetland areas. They are a food source many animals rely on, such as bats. Yet, scientists have concluded that these animals would be able to find new food sources and replace the mosquitos in their diets.

Do you think a world without mosquitos would be a better place? Or do you believe humans should not mess with nature?  

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