10 Ways to Make Your Yard More Fun for Kids This Summer!

There are countless ways to spice up your yard and make it the most fun play area for your kids and their friends this summer. Here at ohDEER, the main goal of our pest control is for you to be able to enjoy more time outside. We have compiled a list of 10 ways to make your yard more fun for kids this summer.

1. Water Balloons 

Play “hot potato” or test out how far apart you can throw your water balloon to each other without dropping and popping it!

2. Messy Crafts 

These crafts are the kind that are meant to be done outside! Check out our list of crafts your kids have been dying to try without the hassle of difficult clean ups.

  • Get creative with shaving cream and food coloring on tin foil!
  • Lay on the pavement and trace each other’s bodies in chalk… even color your own outfits! 
  • Find rocks in the yard to paint 
  • Finger painting 
  • Make slime or gloop! Click for recipes 🙂

3. Play in the Sprinklers

Refreshing for a hot day, have your kids throw on their swimsuits and frolic through the sprinklers for an at home water park adventure!

4. Have a Scavenger Hunt 

Create a list of things for your kids to look for in your yard or neighborhood! Ideas of things to put on the list to look for are a pinecone, a bird or a yellow flower! 

5. Have a lawn games tournament with the neighborhoods kids

  • Water Gun fight 
  • Cornhole 
  • Shaving cream twister 
  • Potato sack race 
  • Kan Jam 
  • Ladder Toss
  • Tug of War

6. Make juice popsicles

With the help of ice pop molds, fill with any kitchen juice for some delicious and easy treats for your kids to enjoy outside on a hot day!

7. DIY Slip n’ Slide

Start with laying a tarp or some plastic sheeting in an area with a downhill slope for the best slip n’ slide experience! 

Next, place your running hose at the top of the slide so that the water is running down it. You can also place your slide in the sprinklers for some extra splash! 

Tip: Add baby soap or shampoo for extra slipperiness! This won’t hurt if it gets in your kids eyes. 

8. Make an obstacle course 

Build your obstacle course using household items like brooms and pillows! 

You can even have a race through it, there is nothing like some friendly family competition! 

9. Have a picnic 

Lay down a blanket and some pillows and enjoy a comfy picnic with your kids favorite snacks or meals with the kitchen nearby! You can even carry out a picnic basket for an extra special touch your kids will never forget. 

10. Make fairy houses 

Using materials found around the yard, allow your kids to get creative and hand make some miniature fairy houses for your garden or backyard. Build your structure out of twigs or find an existing space to create your mini home.

Protect your kids from ticks and mosquitos when they play outdoors with the help of ohDEER. We offer an ALL NATURAL tick and mosquito repellant that is safe for kids, pets and your yard. Our goal is that you and your family can enjoy more time outside!

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