5 Ways to Play in the Snow

1. Go Sledding

Whether in your own backyard or at a golf course nearby, there are many options of fun places to sled! Check online for a tubing venue at a ski resort near you. If you are more of a toboggan style sled person, try making your own path through the woods!

2. Build a Snow Fort 

If snow keeps piling up in your yard, try to make a hang out spot out of it! Build a snow fort or den which you can even add string lights in for an igloo style ambiance. 

3. Have a Snowball Fight 

 Done best in stickier snow for increased traction and speed. Looking to increase your chances of winning your snowball fight? Get some help from the perfect snowball maker. Click here to get your own!

4. Make Home-made Snow Cones 

Purchase liquid syrups that are your favorite flavor and find clean, freshly fallen snow to make your own snow cone out of! Add flavor to your own preferences for an easy and fun snack. Using unflavored food coloring is another way to have fun in the snow, mix with some water in a spray bottle to paint the snow with designs or drawings. 

5. Make Snowmen & Snow Angels! 

Build a snowman family and decorate them using materials found in nature or dress them up with your extra winter gear. You make snow angels, just lay down flat in the snow and move your arms and legs in and out in a jumping jack style before carefully standing up!  

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