The Superior Choice: Why Using a Hose for Mosquito Control Beats Backpack Blowers

When it comes to effective mosquito control, the equipment used plays a pivotal role in ensuring control over pest populations. Recently, Pest Control Technology, a reputable source in the pest control industry, published an insightful article highlighting the effectiveness of various mosquito application equipment. The article validated why ohDEER has never used backpack blowers for our Tick & Mosquito Control solution. This post delves into the reasons why hoses outperform backpack blowers in mosquito control and why ohDEER’s method offers superior protection for your property.

The Drawbacks of Backpack Blowers

Backpack blowers, though commonly used in the pest control industry, have significant drawbacks that affect both the technicians using them, and the overall effectiveness of mosquito control on customer’s property.

1. Uncomfortable and Complicated for Technicians

Backpack blowers are heavy and cumbersome, often causing discomfort for technicians. The equipment typically includes a noisy engine, making it difficult to hear a customer if they come out to talk to you. Backpack blowers or foggers have a complex ensemble of parts that can be difficult to repair quickly while out in the field. This inconvenience not only slows down the process but also impacts the technician’s ability to work efficiently and effectively. If a technician is uncomfortable or frustrated with their equipment, they are less likely to complete the application in full, or with a smile on their face for the customer to see. We want our technicians to enjoy their work, so their comfort and feedback is important to us as a brand.

2. Limited Product Application

One of the most critical disadvantages of backpack blowers, is their limited capacity to spread the pest control product. Most backpack blowers can only apply 10-15 gallons of product, which is insufficient for adequately covering properties. This limitation results in incomplete coverage, leading to a higher likelihood of mosquito resurgence and increased respray requests from dissatisfied customers.

3. Reduced Customer Satisfaction

The ineffectiveness of backpack blowers in thoroughly treating a property often results in more complaints and dissatisfaction among customers. When the product is not adequately dispersed, mosquitoes continue to thrive, prompting homeowners to seek additional treatments. This not only affects customer satisfaction but also increases operational costs for pest control companies.

The ohDEER Advantage: Using Hoses for Mosquito Control

At ohDEER, we have always prioritized effectiveness and customer satisfaction, which is why we use hoses for our mosquito control applications. Our unique approach, known as the “Saturation Method,” offers several key benefits that set us apart from traditional backpack blower techniques.

1. Comprehensive Coverage with the Saturation Method

When we arrive at your property, we show up with 400 feet of hose attached to the back of our ohDEER truck. This setup allows us to drench your yard thoroughly with 40-60 gallons of product each visit, ensuring maximum coverage and protection. In contrast, backpack sprayers’ limited capacity pales in comparison, often falling short of delivering the needed amount of product to effectively control mosquito populations.

2. Superior Reach and Penetration

Our hoses enable us to reach areas that backpack blowers simply cannot. We can spray the perimeter of your property, extending 6-10 feet back into wooded areas or tree lines where ticks live and 6-10 feet vertically into tree branches and leaves, to directly target mosquito habitats. This comprehensive approach ensures that we address all potential breeding and resting sites, providing superior pest control.

3. Effective High Traffic Mosquito Area Treatment

Mosquitoes often seek out damp, shaded areas, such as underneath decks, to breed and rest. Our hoses allow us to reach far under these structures, delivering targeted treatments that backpack blowers cannot achieve. By addressing these high-activity areas, we effectively disrupt mosquito breeding cycles and reduce their populations more efficiently.

Why Choose ohDEER?

Choosing ohDEER for your mosquito control needs means opting for a company that prioritizes effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions. Our hoses allow us to apply 40-60 gallons of product and fully saturate the property with out solution, compared to the 10-15 gallons that are put down from backpack blowers. Our saturation method ensures that your property receives the most thorough and effective treatment possible. Our technicians are trained to spray plants until they are sopping wet, dripping with our all-natural solution. This thoroughness reduces the need for frequent re-sprays and enhances overall customer experience.

To learn more about our innovative approach to mosquito control, visit ohDEER’s How It Works. Discover how our commitment to using hoses and the saturation method can provide you with the best pest protection available.

For Pest Control Business Owners

If you own a pest control business, adopting the use of hoses for mosquito control can take your company to the next level. Investing in the right equipment and techniques not only improves the effectiveness of your treatments but also enhances customer satisfaction and retention. By delivering superior results, you can differentiate your business in a competitive market and build a reputation for excellence.

Steps to Implement the Saturation Method:

  1. Invest in Quality Equipment: Ensure you have the necessary hoses and trucks equipped for large-scale product application.
  2. Train Your Technicians: Provide thorough training on the use of hoses and the specifics of the saturation method to ensure consistent and effective application.
  3. Promote the Benefits: Educate your customers on the advantages of hose application over traditional backpack blowers to highlight the superior protection you offer.
  4. Monitor and Adjust: Continuously monitor the effectiveness of your treatments and adjust as needed to ensure optimal results.

In conclusion, the use of hoses for mosquito control offers significant advantages over using traditional backpack blowers. From superior reach with a hose, to enhanced technician and customer satisfaction, ohDEER’s saturation method sets the standard for effective pest control. Contact your local ohDEER location to schedule our All-Natural Tick & Mosquito Control. Experience the difference that innovative, effective techniques can make in controlling mosquitoes on your property!


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