5 Tips For Avoiding Ticks on Summer Hikes

From spraying thousands of yards with tick and mosquito repellant we have learned tick control techniques to prevent them from latching onto us. Today, we want to share 5 simple tips with you to protect you from ticks on your hikes this summer so you can enjoy more time outside!

1. Tuck your pants into your socks 

Tucking your pants into your socks prevents ticks from climbing up your bare legs. Wear proper hiking shoes or boots rather than open toed sandals that expose your feet.

2. Walk in the middle of the trail 

Ticks live in tall grass or in wooded and bushy areas that are found on the edges of trails. They don’t jump but instead will wait on elevated surfaces for someone to brush by them. The edges of the trail are where ticks are most likely to attach themselves onto a passerby. 

3. Wear light colored clothing 

Ticks are dark-colored, so they will be easier to spot and remove on light colored clothing. 

4. Do a tick check when you are done hiking 

Ticks are most likely to be found on the warmest parts of your body, due to their love for warm temperatures. This includes in and around the ears, around the waist, on the scalp or in hair, under the arms, between the legs or inside the belly button. 

If your dog came hiking, remember to check them too because they can’t check themselves! The best places to check include around the tail, eyelids and ears as well as between the front and back legs. 

Check out these diagrams for a better understanding of where to do a tick check! 

5. Wear a hat 

Wear a hat to protect your scalp and hair from ticks latching on. Ticks are interested in latching onto your head because it is a warm spot on your body. Another tip is to purchase tick-repellent clothing that is sprayed with a solution that prevents tick bites. 

For more information on ways to prevent tick bites, visit the sites linked!

CDC – Preventing Tick Bites 

Tick Encounter – Protect Yourself from Ticks

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