10 Gift Ideas For The Outdoorsy Person In Your Life

As outdoor lovers ourselves, we have compiled a list of gift ideas for the outdoorsy person in your life this holiday season! 

1. Portable Hammock 

A gift that can be used anywhere there are trees! Whether you’re looking to relax mid-hike or read a good book in nature, this hammock will come in handy. Easy to transport, just attach it to two trees and rock away! 

2. National Park Pass 

National Park Passes give the holder access to all National Parks in America for the entire year, for just $80. If the outdoorsy person in your life loves to travel to see beautiful nature, this could be the gift for them! 

3. Outdoor Classes or Events

There are a multitude of outdoor activities that are hosted by outdoor enthusiasts and professionals. These could include bike rides, hiking trips, map and compass classes, kayak tours and more! Click here to check out some of these activities posted by REI to find our class descriptions, prices, age requirements and fitness levels. 

4. Magazine Subscription 

A great magazine for the outdoors-lover is Outside magazine. Gift an Outside magazine subscription for travel, fitness, the environment, sports and outdoors culture content all year long. Click here to learn more about this $15/year subscription. Outside magazine also offers a digital subscription service for access to virtual material including content from 15 outdoor brands, movies and tv shows, master classes, mapping apps and more. Click here to learn more about this $2.99/month subscription to Outside +

5. Binoculars 

Great for bird watching, mountaintop sightseeing, or stargazing…binoculars are a gift that can be fun for every outdoors lover! There is a wide variety of price ranges available.

6. Book: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

This book is about a man who gets rid of all his material belongings and leaves his life behind to live in the outdoors, tackling the Alaskan wilderness in order to do what brings him true happiness, connect with nature. This book is loved by both outdoorsy people and non-outdoorsy people, said to bring about a new appreciation for nature in readers. Click here to read the full description or purchase. 

7. Pocket Knife 

A handy tool that can be used for everything from fishing, opening boxes, cutting fruit, camping, the possibilities are endless! People who spend a lot of time outdoors often prefer to be well prepared for any circumstances. 

8. Wearable Accessories

Some gift ideas that will make time spent outdoors more enjoyable include, thick cushioned socks, hats and sunglasses to shade the sun, or a compartmentalized backpack. 

9. Hydroflask Water Bottle

Gift a water bottle that will keep their drink of choice cold or warm when spending the day outdoors! Hydroflask uses vacuum insulation to maintain the temperature of the drink inside the stainless steel bottle. Click here to browse different options of water bottle from their website. 

10. ohDEER spraying

Gift a spraying of ohDEER’s ALL NATURAL Tick & Mosquito repellant. Combat pests in order to be able to fully enjoy your time outdoors! ohDEER’s free resprays are the gift that keeps on giving…

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