5 Ways to Have the Best Staycation in Your Backyard

Looking for a vacation this summer that is equally affordable and fun? Ever thought of a “stay-cation”? We have compiled a list of 5 “stay-cation” activities to do in your own backyard this summer to enjoy more family time outside and create special memories.

Here at ohDEER we want you to enjoy more time outside! 

1. Have an Outdoor Movie Night 

Create your own comfy theater in your backyard with the help of a projector. If you don’t have outdoor furniture, bring out air mattresses with pillows and blankets for theater seating. Munch on some movie candy or snacks right from your fridge!

2. Go “glamping”!

Put a tent up in your yard and fill it with your comfiest pillows and blankets. Look up! Try stargazing after the sun goes down and the sky gets dark. You can still use the inside bathroom of your home, hence the glam aspect!

3. Have a picnic 

Have a family-friendly picnic by serving your kids their favorite snacks from a picnic basket! Or, create an aesthetically pleasing charcuterie board worthy of its own Instagram post.

4. Roast s’mores

With the help of a fire pit, have a camping-style experience in your own backyard! If you don’t have a fire pit, try to build one.Other fireside activities include fun games like telephone, stargazing or telling ghost stories!

5. Have a yard games tournament 

There is nothing like some family friendly competition! Set up cornhole or your other yard games of choice in your yard to play together.

Don’t let uninvited guests crash your movie night! ohDEER sprays an all natural solution for ticks and mosquitos that is safe for kids, pets and your yard. Give us a call!

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